Thursday, June 17, 2010

Made it...

Made it to the gym this morning. Was there by 6:20.

Did 10mins of cardio
30 mins of weights.
and then 30 more mins of cardio..

Followed by egg whites, cheese and sausage on a roll.
Feeling good.

Hoping today will be a good day.
work does not look to bad right now.

Lean Cuisine for lunch..;)


  1. 6:20 is way too early for this gal. Kudos for your

  2. I got used to it. OF course when i get home from work i end up crashing right away for a couple of hours.

  3. The only reason I will ever EVER be up at 6:20am on a night off is if John wakes up early. Ugh. Luckily today we got to sleep in ... all the way to 6:45 :)

  4. Thats when i normally get up..;)